Pride month in pics

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The future views of LGBT

Recently, while surfing YouTube I found a series of videos about children/teens/adults/elders reacting to certain subjects such as kids react to nirvana, elders react to twilights so on son. While watching a play list I came across kids react to gay marriage.

Kids from the age 5-13 watched  proposal videos of LGBT couples. At the start of the video it explains that it give an insight into where our society stands today. It starts with two men and two women proposing to each other, all the kids at first are confused intill they see that its a gay marriage proposal that’s when the kids first react.

Surprisingly the older kids are very supportive and happy with the prospect of gay marriage, but then it gets to the younger kids. You would expect younger kids to not have a view on, and just to be happy and excited, but no, it was the complete opposite.

The kids were very confused at first but then, they started to voice their views, most of the views were “what! A boy and a boy getting married! That’s CRAZY!!”

At the end of the two videos the kids a explain their views about it. The older kids and some of the younger kids were supportive, One kid in particular (mind you he is 5) told that the camera that there were two types of people, people who support gays and people that don’t. He was in that group.

After watching the video I was very pissed off, these people our the future and their views will shape the future. Most peoples views on certain subjects is the same as their parents, they were raised to think like that. But parents are telling these things to a kid at 5 years old, when those kids probably don’t even know what there talking about, and most likely the kids are just babbling out what there parents say.

Hopefully in the future all kids will be open to new ideas, and not be told by their parents what to say.

To watch the video click here!